The Bibleless
The Unreached
The Scriptures have yet to be translated into over 2000 languages in the world. Over 300 million people speak these languages – the largest part of the 42% of world population, unreached by the Gospel. The love of our God who speaks to them in their language, will radically transform the lives of these Bibleless people when they read and hear the Gospel.

The Persecuted
The Scriptures are banned in over 50 countries in the world today. Over 160,000 believers have been martyred in the past decade. The Word of God, sweeter than honey, will bring hope and peace to these persecuted Bibleless brethren in their dark days of suffering.

The Poor
Over 1.3 billion people in the world survive on less than a dollar a day. Half the world’s population barely makes it through the day with two dollars. Unable to manage even the basic necessities of life such as clean water, these Bibleless people are far too poor to even imagine owning a Bible.

The Illiterate
Statistics in recent years suggest nearly one billion adults are illiterate in the world today. Nearly 50%-60% of the populace of Africa and Asia remain unable to read. Unable to read the printed Word of God, they remain Bibleless, waiting to hear the Gospel.

The Disabled
In the world today, nearly 45 million people are blind and 35 million people deaf. They too need to hear and see the Good News. The Word of God will bring light into the lives of these crippled, Bibleless people.

The Disconnected
Less than 50% professed Christians read the Bible every week. Less than 40% of professed Bible reading Christians have read the New Testament completely. Over 60% of teenagers today prefer TV reality shows over God. This disconnect from the Word, prevents such Bibleless people from fully connecting with God.

The Ailing
On their sickbed, the ailing find themselves alone, ravaged by sickness and sinking into despair. A Bible will bring them healing and hope, giving them new strength into their lives.

The Incarcerated
Haunted by their past and impacted by incarceration, inmates in prison become dejected and disheartened. The Word of God will bring reformation and restoration to their lives, helping them begin a new life with Jesus.

“I will never forget your precepts, For by them You have given me life.”   Psalm 119:93